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Try a demo August 22 2009

Hacked by Cyb3R_Shubh4M

hacked by Cyb3R_Shubh4M
October 24 2008

More Formatting Options

You can change the font, text color and text background color of your blog posts and static pages now.

October 13 2008

More Space and Privacy Control

We're happy to announce two great changes to Classtell.

We have doubled the amount of storage space you get from 500MB to 1GB. This means you have twice as much space as before for sharing documents, photos, and other files with your students.

You can now password-protect your entire website. For increased privacy and access control, go to Settings and click "Password-protect my site". Set your password and you're done! This way, anyone who wishes to access your site will need to know this password. Share the password with your students. Make sure not to use your Classtell account password!

Thanks for using Classtell. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us.

August 11 2008


After almost a year of development, Classtell is being released as a better and easier way for teachers to create websites for their classes.